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Today's post is a guest post from PGS John Kitch, General Counsel.

As careful as we are, as closely as we adhere to the risk management policies of the Fraternity, bad things can happen. A person can fall from a chapter house balcony, a non-member can assault a brother, a person of legal age can still drink so much that he or she suffers from alcohol poisoning. So what should we do if something terrible happens at a chapter house or chapter event?

First, call 911 if there may be a serious injury. Our first duty is to get proper medical attention to someone who is hurt. Do not delay, as each passing minute can make the situation worse for the injured party.

Next, any member aware of the incident should immediately inform the chapter Sage, and the Sage must take charge. He must then notify International Headquarters of all incidents through the C-3 report online at http://sigmapi.org/chapter-reporting/incident-report/ and notify the Chapter Director and Province Archon. Follow up the C-3 Report by calling your Regional Director or the Executive Office at 1-800-332-1897. You can reach Executive Director Michael Ayalon at extension 306.

Cooperate with the police. If you don't, you can be charged with being an accessory to any crime and/or obstruction of justice. Take photographs and/or video to preserve documentation of what occurred. Refer the media - print, TV, or radio - to International Headquarters. If you think you are being investigated or accused of a crime, ask for advice from a lawyer before answering any questions.

As much as we try we may not be able to avoid a serious incident. However, following these simple steps can help us minimize the harm to the individual involved, the chapter, and the Fraternity.

Beta Chapter of Sigma Pi (Indiana University) after a recent snowfall.



So, we all know the values of Sigma Pi, the real question becomes: How do we live those values in our daily lives? How to we make sure that our chapter members also live those values that we made an oath to uphold in Sigma Pi's ritual when you were initiated?

I have a perfect solution for you. This March, YOU can help change a community with other young people from all over the country. You can sign up now here: http://www.unitedway.org/student/alternative-spring-break/

Since 2006, Alternative Spring Break had 3,500 students participate with over 112,000 service hours! You might spend a week:

- In Biloxi working in the shadows of Hurricane Katrina, where it all started 10 years ago

- In El Paso building houses in one of the safest - and poorest - in the country

- In Tennessee building a community garden and teaching families how to cook with fresh foods

- In Baltimore, DC, New York, Newark, Jersey Shore, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Fort Worth, Killeen/Fort Hood, Tucson, San Diego, San Francisco, or Seattle changing lives. Including yours!

Let's make a commitment to attend and change lives. Let's document those photos and stories in the upcoming issue of the Emerald magazine. Let's live our values, feel good about what we're doing this year on Spring Break, have a unique experience that hiring managers want to hear more about when you enter an interview situation, and show how Sigma Pi Fraternity can and will make a difference in our local communities.

The 100,000th member of Sigma Pi from Beta-Tau representing at West Point

I love it when we get letters at the Executive Office from community leaders about the great things that Sigma Pi chapters are doing around the country. This past week, we received a wonderful letter from the New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network in New Providence, New Jersey. They had been working with the Monmouth (Delta-Beta) chapter of Sigma Pi, and they were so impressed with this special group of young men who have made it a priority to save lives. They were honored that Sigma Pi had chosen organ donation and transplantation as our philanthropic initiative.

With the help of groups like Sigma Pi Fraternity, they will be able to positively impact the lives of approximately 5,000 people in New Jersey and nearly 120,000 people across the country that await a life saving organ transplant.

Most recently at Monmouth, the Sigma Pi chapter facilitated a send-off event for one of their fellow students, Joseph DiSanto, whose life was saved by a heart transplant. Joseph was riding on the Donate Life float in the Parade of Roses in California on New Year's Day. Their chapter director, Joseph Palazzola, helped to facilitate events on campus and guided the chapter in these endeavors.

Here is a photo of the brothers of Delta-Beta with Rose Parade Honoree, Monmouth University Student, and Heart recipient Joseph DiSanto. Well done brothers! We're all proud of your work.

In order to do effective community service events like this, be sure to start the planning months in advance, create press releases for the local papers, prepare a budget, find sources of money and resources around campus, invite key members of the campus community (administration, Greek Life office, sports teams, student government, service clubs, and other Greeks), and then document everything with a write up and photos. This type of recognition in the school newspaper, the local newspaper, and even letters from the organizations you are helping can go a long way in communicating Sigma Pi's values to the community in which you belong.


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